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Mission 3D TR - LG Electronics

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Dani L. Mebius and DJ Punish - Rockin' (Original Mix)

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CES 2013 LG Electronics Event

7:35:02 AM PST
Welcome to LG's CES 2013 event.
7:35:22 AM PST
We're in our seats and waiting for the show to begin.
7:37:49 AM PST
7:38:39 AM PST
It looks like the focus will be on products for the home. There's a few dryers on stage and one of LG's OLED TVs.
7:38:40 AM PST
7:42:07 AM PST
7:42:14 AM PST
The execs are lining up for the "smart life" hmm.
7:47:07 AM PST
7:47:49 AM PST
7:48:05 AM PST
Will you touch the smart life? I am going to touch the dryers providing they have Wi-Fi.
7:57:23 AM PST
7:57:34 AM PST
The execs are taking photos with their massive Optimus Vu's.
7:59:43 AM PST
Things should be getting started shortly. The LG logo has stopped winking at us and the music is starting to thump.
8:00:13 AM PST
Here we go.
8:00:47 AM PST
Things are starting right away. "Fasten your seat belts" apparently. I haven't got one.
8:01:41 AM PST
We have a video going through all of LG's products, very focused on "smart."
8:02:41 AM PST
By the way, we've got TC Sottek providing visuals and Tom Warren scripting words for you this morning.
8:02:50 AM PST
8:04:01 AM PST
Wayne Park, President and CEO of LG USA is out on stage.
8:04:24 AM PST
"Welcome to the beginning of what will be a very memorable experience for consumer technology enthusiasts."
8:04:26 AM PST
8:04:31 AM PST
"We are creating products that make life better."
8:04:41 AM PST
Focus on smart once again, "core of everything we do."
8:05:02 AM PST
"We consider design our strategy."
8:05:14 AM PST
"It's about intelligence, attractiveness, and functionality of a product."
8:05:40 AM PST
Park says LG gained market share throughout 2012.
8:05:53 AM PST
"Profitable growth is our focus even during these difficult economic times."
8:06:08 AM PST
"Year-over-year growth."
8:06:40 AM PST
"Innovation and design aren't the only aspects that differentiate our brand."
8:06:45 AM PST
8:07:20 AM PST
"There is another very important ingredient to our success... our partners."
8:07:38 AM PST
"We make life smarter, better, and easier."
8:08:14 AM PST
Park is finished discussing the company's smart strategy.
8:08:29 AM PST
CTO Skott Ahn is up on stage now.
8:08:46 AM PST
"Touch the smart life." Oh my, they love this smart life.
8:09:05 AM PST
"The word smart has been added to everything."
8:09:11 AM PST
"What we really need is a smart life."
8:09:14 AM PST
8:09:25 AM PST
LG is trying to figure this out apparently.
8:09:32 AM PST
"It should be free and natural, completely stress-free."
8:09:35 AM PST
8:09:45 AM PST
I want a stress-free life too. One in touch with nature.
8:10:01 AM PST
"Should feel natural for consumers to have a product to behave the way they want."
8:10:29 AM PST
Ahn is discussing LG's natural touch interface across its products.
8:10:56 AM PST
"To make connectivity more free and natural, LG has come up with one touch connection."
8:11:06 AM PST
We're getting a video of LG's one touch connection.
8:11:21 AM PST
"You can now stream content between smartphone and smart TV with just a single touch."
8:11:57 AM PST
This is basically LG's NFC implementation.
8:12:27 AM PST
"What you just saw is a small sample of what we are preparing for LG's smart home service."
8:12:45 AM PST
Magic Remote 2013 is up now, all about TV.
8:13:11 AM PST
"The most natural way to control a smart TV."
8:13:22 AM PST
"You can change channel by writing numbers in the air."
8:13:34 AM PST
8:13:43 AM PST
Voice Mate is part of the latest remote to speak to your TV.
8:14:08 AM PST
Point and click with just a finger.
8:14:11 AM PST
8:14:29 AM PST
LG is explaining how it plans to make life stress free.
8:15:04 AM PST
"The smartphone has been in the market for years and it has become an incredible companion in our life."
8:15:26 AM PST
Ahn is recapping live zooming and LG's Q options on its smartphones.
8:15:45 AM PST
8:15:47 AM PST
We're on to fridges now, door-in-door minimizes cold air loss.
8:16:08 AM PST
"Innovations begin improving features... and by raising customers experience to new levels."
8:16:21 AM PST
8:16:31 AM PST
"LG is leading the way with our WRGB technology."
8:16:42 AM PST
"An incredible viewing experience."
8:16:55 AM PST
"LG started global sales in early January."
8:17:05 AM PST
"At CES this year we'll show a new design."
8:17:13 AM PST
"It makes the TV seem almost weightless."
8:17:20 AM PST
8:17:22 AM PST
"Next is LG's 84-inch Ultra HD display."
8:17:36 AM PST
"More than 40 markets last year. We will continue to lead the market this year."
8:17:52 AM PST
"Do you enjoy playing games on your smartphone? I think we all do."
8:18:09 AM PST
8:18:18 AM PST
"Today you can connect your phone to your TV, but it doesn't look that good because the resolution of the TV is generally much higher than that of the phone."
8:18:34 AM PST
LG has developed technology to stream games from a phone to a TV in Ultra HD and 3D.
8:18:43 AM PST
8:18:54 AM PST
Laser TV. Cinematic 100-inch screen. "It has full HD quality."
8:19:06 AM PST
"This is not a prototype or a demo."
8:19:36 AM PST
8:19:39 AM PST
"We want a consumers life to be completely stress free."
8:19:55 AM PST
Ahn is done. Looks like we're going to move onto the products now.
8:20:24 AM PST
James Fishler head of marketing is out on stage.
8:20:51 AM PST
8:20:56 AM PST
"We want to help you have a smart life. Reach out...touch the smart life."
8:21:10 AM PST
I'm reaching out right now.
8:21:25 AM PST
"We've shaved 20 minutes off of a laundry cycle."
8:21:41 AM PST
"We've introduced a remote control that's voice controlled."
8:21:59 AM PST
"Simple, fast, reliable. These are the requests we hear from busy people all the time."
8:22:18 AM PST
8:22:46 AM PST
We're hearing about LG's energy efficiency.
8:23:10 AM PST
20 minutes in and no new products yet, just all smart life.
8:23:44 AM PST
"LG smart appliances can also be managed by simple voice commands through your smartphone."
8:23:55 AM PST
Start your washing machine while you're at dinner.
8:24:49 AM PST
LG smart washing machine with Wi-Fi diagnosis. Reports issues.
8:25:16 AM PST
"Seven new top load models, 15 new front loaders, and 39 companion dryers."
8:25:18 AM PST
8:25:54 AM PST
Fishler is getting very excited about LG's new refrigerators.
8:26:09 AM PST
"2012 was another year of significant growth in the smartphone market."
8:26:16 AM PST
"At LG we forged new and expanded key partnerships."
8:26:42 AM PST
"We've worked with LG display and LG Innotek to develop zerogap touch."
8:26:43 AM PST
8:27:08 AM PST
Mainly a recap of 2012 with the Intuition, Spectrum 2.
8:27:57 AM PST
8:28:08 AM PST
Fishler is discussing the Optimus G. World's first quad-core LTE smartphone.
8:28:39 AM PST
"What makes this phone even more remarkable is how it helps you multitask."
8:29:02 AM PST
"The first in our growing partnership." LG's Nexus 4.
8:29:07 AM PST
8:29:28 AM PST
"We worked with Google to create a device that features a sleek design."
8:29:38 AM PST
8:29:39 AM PST
"It combines the best of LG and Google software."
8:29:48 AM PST
"Perhaps our most successful partnership is with Qualcomm."
8:30:16 AM PST
8:30:42 AM PST
We're watching a video of Qualcomm discussing its plans for 2013. Nothing specific yet.
8:31:07 AM PST
"We see 2013 as a year of significant growth for LG smartphones."
8:31:21 AM PST
Fishler looks to Mobile World Congress for LG smartphones.
8:31:29 AM PST
"So you can touch the smart life, anywhere anytime."
8:31:42 AM PST
"Your smartphone keeps you connected on the go, but sometimes you wanna hang out at home."
8:31:55 AM PST
"In October we were the first to bring the spectacular 4K Ultra HD to the US market."
8:32:04 AM PST
LG has been finalizing the design for its OLED TV.
8:32:23 AM PST
"Today, I am proud to announce that the 2013 LG OLED TV will launch in the US this March at suggested price of $12,000."
8:32:25 AM PST
8:32:40 AM PST
65-inch and 55-inch Ultra HDTV 4K TVs join the 84-inch available now.
8:32:45 AM PST
8:33:01 AM PST
"Our Ultra HDs feature game changing technology that boost the resolution from standard 1080p HD to 4x that resolution."
8:33:17 AM PST
"All 4K models for 2013 will have smart TV capabilities."
8:33:30 AM PST
"We're working with industry partners to ensure that more 4K content is created."
8:33:56 AM PST
"We're keeping our momentum going through keep partnerships with Activision, Google."
8:34:12 AM PST
"The new 2013 Magic Remote will recognize natural language."
8:34:31 AM PST
"This new remote with universal control capability operates your cable box too."
8:34:44 AM PST
"Also, LG's new smart share will allow consumers to seamlessly control control between devices."
8:34:56 AM PST
"Today, we are also introducing the third generation of our Google TV."
8:35:05 AM PST
Google video is discussing the partnership with LG.
8:35:14 AM PST
"The LG smart TV with Google TV is a result of our partnership."
8:35:43 AM PST
Expanded line-up from 2 models in 2012 to 7 models in 2013.
8:35:48 AM PST
Seven models in 5 screen sizes.
8:35:55 AM PST
8:36:08 AM PST
Now on to Cinema 3D TVs. 7 series and 21 total TVs for 2013.
8:36:27 AM PST
"For 2013, consumers will have even more options."
8:36:33 AM PST
"We're moving 100 percent to LED."
8:37:13 AM PST
8:37:24 AM PST
"Beyond TVs we're expanding our line of Blu-ray players."
8:37:40 AM PST
Magic Remote, web browsing, private sound mode on new blu-ray players.
8:37:50 AM PST
Now on to sound quality in new TVs.
8:38:06 AM PST
"We have 5 TV models ranging in size...they have at least one built in subwoofer."
8:38:28 AM PST
Laser TV. Launching the first 100-inch full-HD laser TV.
8:38:30 AM PST
8:38:36 AM PST
"In monitors we're working with partners like Adobe and Microsoft."
8:38:40 AM PST
Three new IPS displays.
8:38:53 AM PST
"The first is LG's ultra wide monitor. 21:9."
8:38:59 AM PST
8:39:10 AM PST
"LG's touch 10 monitor, optimized for Windows 8."
8:39:23 AM PST
"We're also unveiling some new digital sign products."
8:39:31 AM PST
84-inch Ultra HD display.
8:39:56 AM PST
"That my friends is a quick overview of what you can expect from LG in 2013."
8:40:37 AM PST
Discussing the smart life. "It's that wink, it's that smile."
8:40:50 AM PST
OK that's it folks. Hands-on time!


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